Equality & Diversity

"100% of SkyBlue recruiters have received specialist equality and diversity training"

SkyBlue is EQuality and Clear Assured, demonstrating a high level of commitment to all elements of ‘Equality and Diversity’. Inclusive practice is a driving force for our business and we work hard to embrace the benefits of a diverse workplace.

How we can help you:

Diverse workplace: we help you to recruit from all groups in society, ensuring you benefit from sustainable recruitment solutions and the individual skills that a diverse pool of people can bring to your organisation.

Helping you meet your targets: we can tap into talent across all groups in society, including hard-to-reach disadvantaged populations, ensuring you meet your sustainable recruitment targets and in accordance with current legislative standards set out in the government’s Section 106 Agreement and the Social Value Act 2012.

Right candidates: strong relationships with a network of local workforce, training and funding providers means we can /aboutus/eqdivweb2_copypromote your vacancies with maximum postcode precision and access skills training to get new found candidates at the professional level required to start your work assignment.

SkyBlue support: an Inclusion Manager and network of Diversity Champions provide you with an easy to reach team of specialists who can recommend industry leading methods for sustainable local recruitment and team you up with strategic employment partners local to you. Find out more here


Equal Opportunities Policy

Our SkyBlue Equal Opportunities policy helps promote equal opportunity and complies with all relevant current legislation and codes of practice. To ensure that this policy is applied consistently we take active steps to monitor its effectiveness.

Diversity Champions

Each SkyBlue Diversity Champion ranges from a Resourcer to a Consultant or a Team Leader. Each champion has been trained on the current legislation and regulations such as the Agency Workers Regulations (AWR) and works with local partners to ensure local people get local jobs in support of the Governments Welfare to Work Scheme.

The Diversity Champions play a vital role in building cohesive, long-lasting relationships with our customers embracing and delivering diversity in the workplace. This role is set up to provide a route to delivering and implementing our equality and diversity strategy at a local level and across the UK.


All staff complete both the SkyBlue Induction which covers an ‘Introduction to SkyBlue Equality and Diversity’ and attend yearly training on Equality and Diversity. This training ensures all staff adhere to the SkyBlue Equal Opportunities policy and meet current legislation.