Supply Chain

Are you interested in becoming a supplier for SkyBlue? Do you meet our criteria?

Potential sub-contractors are subject to an appraisal and approval process prior to inclusion on our “Preferred Supplier List.” This process has been developed to ensure that all our delivery partners meet our strict expectations in areas including:

• Health & Safety

• Environmental/Corporate Responsibility

• Quality

• Financial Stability

• Customer Care & Service Level

• Training

This is a continuing process with regular reviews, which means we are able to provide the high level of service both we and our customers expect.

We also utilise an internal scoring system called My Register, which covers equality and diversity and health and safety. If a potential supplier fails then they are not used by SkyBlue.


Sustainable Supply Chain

SkyBlue, part of Carillion plc is committed to being a leader in sustainable procurement.. This means working with our suppliers towards six specific objectives that form part of our 2020 Strategy:

Enable low-carbon economies. We will work towards carbon neutrality, so together we become the lowest carbon producers in our respective sectors.
Protect the environment. We will work with our customers and suppliers to be best-in-class in reducing waste, managing use of water and raw materials, and protecting biodiversity wherever we operate.
Support sustainable communities. We will make a positive contribution to the development of our local communities, enabling them to thrive and prosper.
Provide better prospects for our people. We will improve the prospects of our people by offering opportunities for learning and development and create safe, healthy places to work.
Lead the way in our sector. We will be recognised as the benchmark in sustainability and innovation.
Building a successful business. Through our sector leadership and role in creating a more sustainable economy, we will increase shareholder value.

We encourage and support our suppliers who have signed up to actions which are aligned to these objectives.